Mage - Frost Leveling Spec

Hey everyone, I know leveling can be a pain sometimes, so in order to make your life a little bit easier, I’ve compiled a little guide to show you what you should be spending your talent points in! It is the best leveling spec for a mage I could find.

This mage leveling spec breaks down what you should be spending your talent points on by level:

Levels 10-17

2/2 Early Frost
2/2 Shatter
1/3 Piercing Ice

Super exciting, right? You should be getting Shatter simply because it synergizes beautifully with Improved Cone of Cold which you will be picking up shortly.

Levels 19-27

3/3 Piercing Ice
2/2 Improved Cone of Cold
1/3 Icy Floes

Piercing Ice, Shatter, and Improved Cone of Cold go together great. You can use Cone of Cold on a target, then cast a Frostbolt to deal bonus damage and have a very good chance of scoring a critical strike!

Keep in mind, Frost Nova also freezes targets, so you’ll be able to alternate between Cone of Cold and Frost Nova – allowing you to keep your target permanently frozen!

Levels 29-37

1/1 Icy Veins
3/3 Icy Floes
2/3 Fingers of Frost

Icy Veins is a must have! Combine this with your Water Elemental for some high damage attacks. Icy Floes is also quite helpful, as you’ll be using Cone of Cold quite a bit while leveling.

Fingers of Frost is great because everytime it procs, it allows you to do some big damage with Ice Lance, and since Frost Bolt and Cone of Cold are both "chill" effects, you can expect it to proc quite a bit.

Levels 39-47

3/3 Brain Freeze
3/3 Fingers of Frost
1/3 Improved Freeze
Brain Freeze is useful because it give you a 15% chance to instant-cast (at no mana-cost) a Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt.

When Fingers of Frost is active, Frostfire Bolt can be used as an instant-cast spell which pretends that the target is frozen. Basically, the insta-cast Frostfire bolt deals 20% bonus damage and gives a good chance to score a critical strike.

Levels 49-57

1/1 Ice Barrier
2/2 Shattered Barrier
3/3 Improved Freeze

By now, I hope you’re really enjoying your Frost mage and beginning to see why frost is the best Mage leveling spec. Things are finally getting interesting!
It’s also time to finish off Improved Freeze. This talent will increases your burst damage and proves to be quite valuable.

Ice Barrier and Shattered Barrier will help increase your survivability and as an added bonus, freeze your targets when the barrier is destroyed.

Levels 59-69

2/2 Frostfire Orb
1/1 Cold Snap
2/3 Permafrost
1/1 Deep Freeze

Frostfire Orb is awesome! It makes Flame Orb spell reminiscent of the Frozen Orb from Diablo 2. I miss that game. L

Permafrost is pretty so-so, but there isn’t a whole lot else to put points in right now. Cold Snap can be useful, but the cool down is quite long!

Finally, a point into Deep Freeze gives us access to a great ability and the other two talent trees! (Fire, Arcane) But, we won't be getting into the other two trees as this guide is a mage frost leveling spec.

Levels 70-85

2/2 Improved Counterspell
3/3 Netherwind Presence
2/2 Improved Blink
3/3 Permafrost
2/2 Piercing Chill

The final 10 points are basically just finishing off the Frost talent tree, and gaining a few more useful talents from Arcane. At this point, you are probably either going to be respeccing to another build to enjoy PvE raid content, or maybe even for PvP, whichever is more your style.

Below is what your mage talent build should look like:


  1. Frost mages wreck...I miss my shadow preist =/

  2. I have a frost mage on BDF, I will try this out.

  3. I think fire is the dominated one

  4. Always go for the mage. Frost mages are better than fire.

  5. Mages are fun max level, but they're a bitch to level up.