What's the Deal with Mages?

Hello everyone, I love playing my Frost mage and I wanted to write a little post to get people familiar with what mages are all about. If you're an experienced WoW veteran, you'll find this post a little.... noobish! Anyway, for the rest of you, hope you enjoy!

As a mage, you will be able to manage all aspects of World of Warcraft controls. You can show great skill by controlling both single and multi-target encounters. All of your attacks will enable you to engage enemies at range, and do incredible damage to unsuspecting prey.

You are endowed with the ability to help to the people around them. The possibilities do not stop there! Harness the power to create portals anywhere in Azeroth. These portals can be used by anyone. Also, you can summon large amounts of food and drink, and provide a constant supply of health and mana to yourself and your group. Because of these benefits, we often see mages in PvP or raid groups.

Enemies are smart and many have resistance to magic. But, you have a wide range of combat skills, so in reality there is always something that is not resistant to the enemy. This is useful when dealing with multiple enemy types. You will always be able to find a spell that will do the most damage possible in any given situation. Combined with strong area-of-effect attacks, you will often find yourself a great asset in raids.

With the ability to only access cloth armor, you may find yourself unprotected at times. If you have someone with you to protect you while you’re busy nuking away at the enemy, you’ll have a much better chance at survival. 

You have access to staves, wands, and daggers, but these will almost never be used in combat. Mages find themselves constantly using skills and spells to achieve their ends. Even though you will always have something equip, you will almost never use a weapon to attack. Because you never use your weapon, you’ll find the stats provided from weapons much more valuable than the weapons themselves.

Mages are all about damage-per-second (DPS). They can maximize damage potential through different talent tree specializations. You are given a choice of three different paths, Frost, Arcane, and Fire, which gives you a lot of choice in customization and personalization of your individual talent tree! Each talent tree is good for different reasons, feel free to experiment and decide which you like best.

If you decide that you want to raid, usually Fire is the preferred talent tree. But if you decide you want to PvP, I recommend that you use Frost as it gives you a lot of crowd control and subsequently survivability. Arcane is currently a little underpowered, but it does have its uses in certain situations.

I think that about covers it, more to come!


  1. This sounds really cool, I've always wanted to try WoW

  2. I played WoW for about 3 or 4 years, it's a great MMORPG to start with, but after you get the grip of it, the style and the community and just the feel for MMO's, there are many better choices. Don't get me wrong, WoW is great fun and you can take it at any pace you like, but for "serious gamers" it's low end. I'll definitely keep up with your blog though :) I rolled a mage until Cata came out.